2018 Public Art Challenge

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced 14 finalists who could receive up to $1 million each as part of the 2018 Public Art Challenge, a program that aims to foster creative collaboration, address civic issues, and support local economies through public art. More than 200 cities applied with proposals addressing a range of pressing issues and social themes such as community development, environmental sustainability, and cultural identity. Many proposals also address issues like displacement, immigration, natural disaster recovery, and public health and safety. Additionally, the proposals reflect a diverse use of artistic mediums including augmented reality, light installations, murals, and performances.

Baltimore, MD – Enhancing Public Safety by Reducing Violence: “The Baltimore Resurgence Project”

"The Baltimore Resurgence Project: Reconnecting Beauty to Community," this multi-sector partnership will build upon and help sustain the strategy to prevent and reduce violence in Baltimore City. The Baltimore Resurgence Project will create community cultivated public art in and around green spaces located in the Violence Reduction Initiative (VRI) focus areas. The projects will foster engagement and trust among community residents and will result in new, innovative, and sustainable solutions to the driving forces of violence in the city.

By enlisting acclaimed local mural artists of all backgrounds, Arts + Parks will maximize potential impact in pursuit of reducing crime and reconnecting Baltimoreans, while creating a renewed sense of pride in their neighborhoods. The Mayor’s Office of Baltimore City, Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, and Arts + Parks will be the coordinating entities for these collaborations. By empowering active stakeholders in the VRI zones through cooperative art projects, the goal is to engage disconnected community members and inspire youth to take ownership of their communities. This project aims to reconnect residents with their environment and inspire the youth of our future to see themselves as a creative solution to their communities’ most daunting challenges through the creative sector. Learn more here

  • Image Credit: Bloomberg Philanthropies