All Things Emerson – Bromo History Museum Expansion

The Bromo History Museum expands to include “All Things Emerson,” a permanent display of historical artifacts and objects from Captain Isaac Edward Emerson, inventor of the headache remedy Bromo-Seltzer and builder of the Bromo Seltzer Tower. Located on the 15th floor, “All Things Emerson” will move into a brand new space alongside the Maryland Glass Room. 

The expansion highlights Emerson’s business endeavors in Baltimore including the Emersonian Apartment Building, the Emerson Hotel, his country home Brooklandwood and other personal assets. Prominent items in the collection are a large, leather-bound photograph album of past U.S. presidents signed by the 28th president Woodrow Wilson, postcard correspondences from Mr. Joseph Hinds, the President of the Emerson Drug Co. and Isaac Emerson’s key to his family mausoleum in Greenmount Cemetery on North Avenue.