BOPA Youth Arts Council

The Baltimore City Arts Council manages a group of dedicated, art-loving teens from across Baltimore City who serve on the Youth Arts Council (YAC). The council’s activities are designed by the selected teens to inspire and empower other local youth through arts programming and advocacy, while receiving professional development and mentorship from invested arts and educational partners.

The Baltimore City Arts Council is the only arts council in the state of Maryland that houses a Youth Council, recognizing the need for the perspective of young creatives in developing arts programming and policy. In addition to providing these youth leaders with a monetary stipend, the Baltimore City Arts Council also provides leadership, professional development, and mentorship opportunities for these young people throughout the year. 

  • Meet the Baltimore City Youth Arts Council 2021-2022

  • Meet Tia Thomas

    Tia Thomas is an alum of Baltimore School for the Arts and a current sophomore at Towson University. Outside of Baltimore Promotion & The Arts, Tia is a graphic design for Wide Angle Youth Media. Tia’s goal is to create impact and conversation through her art.

  • Meet Rosabella Mvemba

    Rosabella Mvemba is an artistic senior at Carver Center for Arts and Technology studying Design and Production.

  • Meet Azana Wilson

    Azana Wilson is a multidisciplinary artist. Her favorite mediums are photography, graphic arts, and paint.

  • Meet Janae Young

    Janae Young is a Baltimore native and current freshman at the University of Maryland who studies Criminology/Criminal Justice with a hope of adding Immersive Media Design as a double major. She is an alum of Baltimore School for the Arts, where she studied stage design and production. Some mediums she works with now are digital art, sewing, and painting. She is super eager to merge her artistic and academic interests into a career.

  • Meet Alicia Thomas

    Alicia Thomas is a 16-year-old photographer, actor, and creator. Alicia’s content focuses on the emotion art can evoke in viewers. Alicia has experience as a physiological writer for Wide Angle Youth Media blog during the 2020 pandemic. She also directed and wrote multiple short films and media at Wide Angle. She is also an actor at her high school, Baltimore City College.

  • Meet Tanauria Randolph

    Tanauria Randolph is a dancer. She is currently a rising senior at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts, where she is one of the new co-managers of the company class. She spends most of her time at her dance studio strengthening her technique. Tanauria studies a range of styles such as modern, ballet, jazz, and hip hop. Most recently she played a lead role in Voices of Carmen cast of 2021. To follow her growth and career, follow her at on Instagram: @tanauriar


Applications are now CLOSED for the BOPA Youth Arts Council. 


Teen Candidate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have to be an artist to join the youth council?
No, but an artist can be many things-an artist can write, perform, draw, cook, enjoy working with others towards a common goal, etc. These are all activities that BOPA considers art forms.

How will this help me with my professional career?
The Youth Arts Council is a great addition to your resume for college or future jobs. It says that you have worked at a major arts organization, have skills in public event planning, understand educational policy, and know how to collaborate with peers to achieve a goal. Working with other teens to problem solve and advocate for arts access helps to build critical thinking skills.

How often does the council meet?
The council typically meets bi-weekly (every other week) at BOPA for (2) hours after school during the week. On weeks when BOPA hosts Youth Arts Council produced activities, the council may meet more frequently.

How long can a teen be a member of the youth council?
Teens who choose to can remain members of the Council for the duration of their high school career until graduation (through 12th grade) and as near peer council members after high school.


Devin Schacklett | Arts Council Program Coordinator