Strategic Plan RFP FAQs

1) Some strategic priorities have already been identified. Is there space for emergence of new priorities during the planning process? Typically, meaningful engagement of a diverse and representative group of internal and external stakeholders reveals new needs or spark new ideas, particularly when we are attentive to equity and inclusion at the strategic level.
Yes, we are completely open to where the conversation takes us. We understand these were the priorities set by the Board and that as feedback occurs, we may realize it will take us in a different direction. 
2) What is your openness to emergence in the process should the need arise for a shift/change/addition during our work together?
As this is the first strategic plan and our organization has experienced significant transition internally over the past several years, we expect there may be necessary adjustments. 
3) Can you please say more about the request for 5 separate SWOT analyses? Are these meant to be annual?
These are meant to be based on the feedback sessions and related to the five priority areas that we discussed in pre-planning. As mentioned above, we are open to the possibility that the number or content may change. 
4) The RFP mentions the consultant's capacity to implement plans and processes, but can you clarify in what ways you imagine the consultants to be engaged in the implementation of the strategic plan?
We would like to have at least one check-in planned, throughout the implementation period. Given what we have observed from other organizations strategic planning processes, that extra level of accountability will help ensure intentionality and time to reflect on progress. 
5) How do you envision this process engaging with COVID safety protocols for the consultant and participants? (ex. community stakeholder meetings might not be advisable, etc.)
We are open to exploring all options for virtual session, small-group sessions, etc. We would like to work with the consultant to explore best practices and come to a safe and responsible solution for the sessions. 
6) What is BOPA's preferred timeline, both for the start and duration of this planning process. 
Ideally, we would like to have wrapped-up feedback sessions and ready for implementation in 6-8 months, however, are open to a longer or shorter time based on the information gathered from the stakeholder feedback process. 
7) The RFP indicates that all bidding consultants must be able to provide independently audited financial statements. This is not currently standard practice for many independent consultants, single member LLCs, etc. Can you please confirm whether this is a firm requirement?
This is a requirement that only applies to a nonprofit consultant applying. The only items required of for-profit entities are listed below. 
  • Qualify as a nonprofit corporation with a 501(c)(3) status, a for-profit corporation, or a public entity; 
  • Provide evidence of organizational capacity to implement a thorough plan as outlined in the RFP; And 
  • Provide a clear and concise project proposal, including budget.